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Wed, Jan. 24th, 2007, 09:07 pm
ex_potus: This helps move things along when you study at night ...

I'm sure it's in everyone else's Civ Pro casebook ... nevertheless:

The Court: Next witness
Ms. Olschner: Your Honor, at this time I would like to swat Mr. Buck in the head with his client's deposition.
The Court: You mean read it?
Ms. Olschner: No, sir. I mean swat him [in] the head with it. Pursuant to Rule 32, I may use the deposition "for any purpose" and that is the purpose for which I want to use it.
The Court: Well, it does say that.
The Court: There being no objection, you may proceed.
Ms. Olschner: Thank you, Judge Hanes.
(Whereupon Ms. Olschner swatted Mr. Buck in the head with a deposition.)
Mr. Buck: But Judge ...
The Court: Next witness.
Mr. Buck: We object.
The Court: Sustained. Next witness.

Thu, Jan. 25th, 2007 02:40 am (UTC)

What's the case name so we can all look it up on Westlaw...

Thu, Jan. 25th, 2007 02:46 am (UTC)

No case cite. It's in my Yeazell Civ. Pro. casebook.

Says it's from a collection of deposition humour collected by Mary Louise Gilman, the editor of National Shorthand Reporter and published in Richard Lederer, Anguished English (1987)